Not for nothing is this weekend’s full moon called the “worm moon”. This season of warming temperatures coaxing the earth worms to the surface for the birds to fatten and fluff their, ready to mate, feathers.It has been a tempestuous time since the March new moon emerged from the stormy winter skies. As is often the case it promised new life, new energy,spring cleaning momentum to bring on the promise of green buds on trees and bulbs. This year, in my part of the world, it stayed relatively mild and no heavy frosts returned to condemn the new growth bravely pushing out to cheer us on. That alone was confusing because we are always ready to complain about the weather not being normal but seasonal change is now so confusing we are not sure about what to whinge!
There was, however, a lot of intermittent upheavel in emotions, projects, good intentions and general moodiness. That is just in my small circle. I am not even going to elaborate on Trump, Brexit etc as they speak for themselves in the fiery press reports and wonderfully witty humour that seeks to cheer us through it all. ( As human psychology goes we need to know “it may not be as bad as it seems”!) I would like to insert a wee crossed fingers emoji here but don’t know how yet.
Last month’s Heart Energy Workshop in Dorchester was “heartening” indeed with a small committed group of meditators reporting the most amazing journeys of self discovery. I am always excited by the very visual video that plays in my head as people relate their journey after each Past Life Regression session. That “Aha!” moment when a correlation is made between some stubborn pain, repetitive relationship choice or lifestyle in this life and previous perceived lives is only surprising in that had we been given choice to write a story the one shown to us through our subconscious travel would rarely feature. That expression “you couldn’t make it up!” often comes to mind when we do debrief sessions throughout the day. I have now agreed to a monthly Sunday morning session for those who want to continue their journey of self discovery. See the Poster here for details.
Now as a result of the talented web team Pilar Rios and Alberto Gutierrez in Redline Company you can now book directly on my events page using paypal to reserve your place in the workshops in good time.
I could carry on ad nauseum on this page but have just been inspired to get back to the Cosmic Condom. Yes I know someone was complaining that they couldn’t find it on Amazon yet, I too am looking forward to seeing it there.
With no previous feedback, good, bad or indifferent to sort out my focus I will just pop a few more paragraphs in here to stimulate my own thoughts. I have been inspired this morning by the research and words of Anthony Peake and his discussion about the Pineal gland and its production of dimethyltriptamine.(DMT). Why so excited about such a long word? Because I love synchronicity and within five minutes I had uncovered some old notes that I used for a Spanish workshop on 11/11/2011 where I spoke about the Pineal gland, its influence on our DNA and the caduceus, corresponding with kundalini snake like ascending energy. No more here for now you can Google too, but I found it all fascinating and it woke me from my early spring doldrums intake to write this blog on time.
Excerpt from The Cosmic Condom :-
…..”You picked this book up because you saw the title, right? Yes indeed, sex does sell most things. Although in this case you have already been duped because this is not a book about sex, well not much and not yet anyway. Condoms for use in the human act of sexual intercourse have been used since 11,000BC in some form or another according to wall paintings found in Caves in France known as Grotte des Combarrelles. These are said to be the oldest evidence of condoms. It was not until Goodyear had patented his rubber products in 1844 that the first rubber condoms were marketed in 1855.
Such products are designed to protect the human body from foreign bodies, as in sperm, (used to make babies, Google it!) or infections as in a variety of sexually transmitted diseases etc. Now, what else does the human body need to be protected from to stay fit and healthy without unwanted pregnancy at the wrong time?
We as individuals need protected from unwanted energy fields, negative thoughts and the very powerful feelings of others. You all know that feeling of exhaustion after having spent some time with an unhappy acquaintance. Your shoulders are down, your eyelids droop and you just want to sigh- a lot! You have been impregnated with their negative energy. People in any of the service industries or caring professions often report this at the end of their days work. They may not have been physically busy but mentally they are influencing their bodies by feeling lacking in energy and enthusiasm for anything. We absorb other peoples thoughts and emotions without even realising it consciously or sub consciously. Our friends were just chatting to us right? Wrong : our sad, angry or darn right twisted pal was actually unloading their every vibrational feeling into our energy field. We were powerless to resist unless we knew to add a protective field before we met them. It sounds really unfriendly to even consider adding a “protection” around ourself before meeting someone that we consider a friend. The term “download” is not just applicable to computers and the internet. It is happening to you for most of the day with friend and foe alike. It is not just those who download onto your caring and capable shoulders but also those who upload from your sparkling energy field that need to be treated with care.
The term ” I am drained” is common and it means that the energy has been taken away like water down a drain………. ”

Enjoy your spring cleaning and don’t forget to clean those persistent outmoded thought patterns that limit your beliefs and behaviours whilst you are at it.