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The excitement of the full moon energy this month has inspired me to discuss a new September workshop here on the beautiful Dorset coast. Yes I know, it’s not like me to be so early with my planning, Im getting older and slightly more organised.
I knew that something was about to happen when friends from all over the world started to contact me with their “new plans” for life changing events. Lovers being left, babies being made, life long friendships parting ways and homes being moved etc. It turns out that this new Strawberry Moon is in my sign of Sagittarius, the fire sign that likes to get on with things (not always with enough forethought I am the first to admit). Spontaneity is not always good, but we get there eventually. Getting rid of old wood to allow new buds to blossom is always useful and even essential. Balance is the name of the game at all times. If your body has been suffering obscure aches and pains or weird illnesses now is the time to check out your life harmony. June is half way through the year and a time to make sure the scales are balancing this central pivot of your annual life.
So back to a casual conversation I had at the end of May when I decided that I needed to postpone my Sunday workshops to focus on my writing and generally “balancing” my life more after the hectic travels in the spring. The gifted Barbara Whiteside who has read her beautiful Tarot cards for me and several good friends in recent months suggested some sharing group work (or was it me? I never remember when a good idea gathers momentum!)
We knew from many of our own client discussions that “something” is needed to help people in general who are looking for “more” of Something in their daily lives. You will all have had those chats with friends- we know there is Something missing. Those of us in the esoteric area talk merrily about chakras, energy, spiritual stuff and auras etc but forget that not everyone understands us or the concepts we know about. Barbara and I are in agreement that many people would like to know more details and have not really had the opportunity to explore the basics because of the now outmoded historical prejudice perpetuated by society.

About all things that may sound remotely “spooky” or “Airy Fairy” and further prejudiced by untrue “lacking in science” or “too religious sounding”. These are all subtle allegations that have been made over the years by those who do not understand – or perhaps do understand but may feel fear or threatened by allowing people to think for themselves about matters undefined!
I have never been frightened to discuss these areas (or anything else really) – for me speaking our truth and real communication are what keeps a healthy society going. When we look what happens in the political arenas of the USA (and dare I say U.K. more so now?) when spin starts to malign the “others” rather than speaking truthfully about what the individual politician has to offer then we are on the slippery slopes that feel like free fall to goodness knows where!
OK where all this philosophy leads us is to a day workshop to introduce, discuss and explain many of the things that you may have been afraid to ask about. I love discussing the basic vibrational level of us all. The electromagnetic field that I felt just a few hours after my husband died is what stimulated my scientific mind, in spite of my grief, to learn what it was all about. I now know what I felt although I did get very odd looks when I started to tell people immediately in my search for instant comfort – I needed to know I wasn’t going mad with grief. Sadly that is exactly what I was made to feel. You know that look people give you if you say something out of place (or out of their comfort zone) at a dinner party or market place chat? Yep- They reinforced my lack of confidence in my own feelings and reminded me that somethings are just not discussed in polite society!
Well We now know and Particle Physicists are even researching many of the areas that have been regarded untouchable in years gone by.
So did I feel my husband’s energy field just 10 hours after he left his body ? Of Course I did. Many people have shared their own similar experiences with me over the last 20 years too. Neither are they all middle aged widows- Males and females of all ages and all level of intellectual ability. It is now OK to believe in a Universal energy field that does not die or disappear – the electromagnetic field of you, me and the wider Universe is important and useful in our happiness on this earth.
The workshop will be introducing many interesting phenomena that can stimulate us to think differently about ourselves, our energy field, our life choices and even why we harbour old grudges, self destructive feelings or persistent chronic illness. We will try to keep it simple with examples and of course give you chance to have some card readings, feel other people’s energy fields (auras) and if you are lucky slip out of your body into the ether for a wee relaxing trip without a chemical or alcohol involved. Those who wish can also have an aura photo taken with my Aura camera. .

Excited yet? I do hope so I would like to excite you in much the same way that I was excited during my trip to Gregg Braden’s workshop last month.
Come on register soon as you can and stay over in the beautiful Heights Hotel, walk the Jurassic coast, feel the sea breeze and “OTHER” energies that you may never have realised were waiting to soothe your auras. OOER ! We can’t wait to excite you in those ways that you may only have dreamed about. It is not a movie it is YOUR LIFE.


Barbara Whiteside

Barbara Whiteside.
Barbara has been reading Tarot for over 25 years . She was well grounded in a business background with Global Logistics and engineering companies. The Universe gave her a large nudge from a very insistent knight and a wonderful psychic in Tintagel . She was handed the tools in that first set of Tarot cards, to make sense of the messages and energies she had been receiving from spirits and angels for many years.
Now an international reader, her highly accurate interpretation of the cards and their messages has made her a sought after reader and energy worker. Her skill set includes Energy Healing Massage and working with her clients to re-balance and re-vitalise their Chakras, helping them to realise some much needed calm in a very noisy world.

Susan and Barbara’s broad based, combined life experience complements the working support system that offers groups a unique insight into Universal energy and individual personal development. You will go home at least happier and more relaxed but most likely “uplifted and fulfilled.” (according to past workshop attendees.)