Recommended reading

It would be impossible to include every book that has ever inspired,comforted or motivated me but I have often been asked for a reading list. The following books have certainly helped me over the years. I have given so many copies away to friends and clients in their time of need and those books too have continued to travel the world to do their work as good books should. Please dont leave your books on dusty shelves- let them go where they will do some good.

In no particular order, I recommend looking them up, by title on google to get the publisher and copy that best suits your need (ie: either in print or Ebook):

By Dr Brian Weiss:

Many Lives Many Masters;Through Time into Healing;

Same Soul Many Bodies; Only Love is Real;

Miracles Happen. (this is his latest co written with his daughter to inspire and teach us all)

By Dr Wayne Dyer:

The Power of Intention ;Inspiration; 10 secrets for Success and Inner Peace; Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

By Louise L Hay:

You Can Heal Your Life. Power Thoughts. (and many more by this empowering lady now in her 80s)

By Dr. Eben Alexander

Proof of Heaven; A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into The Afterlife. (2012 new book full of scientifically validated evidence of energy continuing after the body dies)

By Rupert Sheldrake:

The Science Delusion, Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry.(excellent work from a scientist who understands Mind Body Spirit principles)

By Dr Diane Hennan Powell M.D.

The ESP Enigma- The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena.

By Dr Gary E Schwartz with William Simon:

The After Life Experiments, Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death.

By Susan Joy Rennison:

Tuning the Diamonds, Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution.

By Lynne McTaggart:

The Field. The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe.

By Barbara Ann Brennan:

Hands of Light, A Guide to Healing Through the Human energy Field.

By Anita Moorjani

Dying to be Me, My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death to True Healing.

An inspirational story of Anita;s journey from death when she discovered it was a state and not a place and she saw the reasons for her cancer , eventually being given the choice to live. – amazing true story.

This list will be updated as time and space permit. Enjoy reading about the validation of other energy spheres and our own electromagnetic field that is much more than science………..