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Phoenix Policing the Shadows

The shadowy war against terrorism in Northern Ireland

31st Jan 1999 – The shadowy war against terrorism in Northern Ireland – By a customer –

This book is written from the diaries of Ian Phoenix, a high ranking R.U.C. officer, the head of the counter-survellance unit, who was killed in the chinook helicopter crash in the Mull of Kintyre in 1994. Detective superintendant Phoenix had 25 years of assorted police / military experiance in Northern Ireland the vast majority of this involving the fight against terrorism.

Real and touches the reality of the real heros

31st Jan 1999 – 5th of July 2000 – Real and touches the reality of the real heros – A Customer –

This book is not only believable, but it is loveable. Phoenix was certainly a unique man, who made friends easily and despatched the enemies with compassion and thought. Lets hope Susan Phoenix and Jack Holland write a sequel, I am sure there is more to tell.

Amazing book

8th of February 2012 – Amazing book – By a customer –

This is probably the best book that I have read. I found it very hard to put down. This book gives a behind the scene look at how the Royal Ulster Constabulary Special Branch dealt with the troubles throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s.
I shows the total dedication by individuals to ensure that people living in Northern Ireland no matter their religion,could do so as safely as possible.
This book takes you into the Phoenix family, from Ian Phoenix’s military service, meeting his wife and settling down to raise a family in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

A human story of the Northern Ireland troubles

24th of October 2009- A human story of the Northern Ireland troubles – By Avid –

There are two stories here, the human story of a family man and friend, and the story of a Special Branch officer who was fighting in what was a very dirty war.
I greatly enjoyed reading about the family life and friendships and I feel the book was well worth reading as a human story. Ian was by all accounts a good friend to friends and a source of pain and suffering to his enemies, this was what he got paid for. Fluffy bunnies don’t inhabit the sharp end of any war effort.

Very detailed book

25th of December 2003 – Very detailed book – By Crane –

I love books on the northern ireland conflict which give details of names,operations etc,rather than spend too much time theorizing. This is why I thoroughly recommend this book. Ian Phoenix joined the Northern Ireland police,then the royal ulster constabulary (RUC) in 1970. The book details his life and career(obviously from only one point of view,as the book is based on his diary entries). There’s a great wealth of paramilitary names,together with details of operations(ones where the security forces got things wrong as well as the successful ones.)


18th of September 2001 – Fantastic – A Customer –

An extraordinary insight into the news stories from 20 years of The Troubles. Reading this book it was impossible not to be reminded of the names of various killers from news items I heard when I was growing up in NI. Other gems include a photo of a certain Gerald Adams Jr, then Commander of PIRA Northern Area, as a young man.
One can’t help but wonder at the stupidity of putting all of a country’s intelligence chiefs into one aircraft – not exactly tactical genius on display, and very surprising. The other surprise was that he was able to keep up the pretence to Jack Holland of being a hearing aid salesman for all those years! This is a very interesting book, of particular interest to people from NI, Ireland (the 6 counties/the North of Ireland &c, &c), or people from the UK with an interest in politics or history.
I am sure that policing is a lot duller and less fun without Detective Superintendent Ian Phoenix.

Out of the Shadows , A Journey from Grief

A wonderful inspiring read

By a reader

I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished your book “Out of the Shadows”, which my parents told me about. It was a wonderful inspiring read. It was a great comfort, ………….. Now I know I am not going mad! ( from a young man who had lost his fiancé in a London bombing. He had been seeing her spirit in his bedroom trying to comfort him.)


15th of February 2011 – SUSAN PHOENIX – A WOMAN OF COURAGE – By Sylvia

Susan’s story of ultimate despair and her subsequent life journey is very exceptional. During this journey she has had to challenge officials and scepticism for her beliefs, but has brought to many hope that we are not alone.
I met Susan in France many years ago when I knew nothing about her loss, and her warmth and charisma were evident even at this dark time in her life. I felt an immediate feeling of meeting a kindred spirit and I have no doubt that this is the effect she has on all those who meet her. I would recommend you read her book, especially if you are going through difficult times in your life, I am sure it will uplift you.

A Comfort to 2 Elderly, Bereaved Relatives

. 16 June 2014. Format: Kindle Edition

Since reading this, I have started to read and learn about my inner self and my spirit. Absolutely inspired me. Thank you Susan.

Impressed with your will power

By a reader

You are one courageous lady, I’m impressed with your will power. It reminds me of my own will power. Yours is a much more traumatic expierence, deep sorrow, I was almost in tears when I read your piece in spirit and destiny. I didn’t cry because I thought if this lady suffered this and came through it all there is hope for the world.

Unusual and thought provoking!

22 March 2013. Format: Paperback

The sheer charm and disarming honesty of the Phoenix family emerges from this book. Susan’s account of her husband’s loss will echo with many bereaved people and her story of the other-worldly encounters which helped her to cope with grief will be very helpful to others in the same situation

An inspiration

By a reader –

Your book has been an inspiration to me and it has made me start to look at life differently. Although just starting out on this path, I would like to continue on it.

Great book

11th of January 2012 – Great book – By Beryl Coles –

After loosing my husband just 6 years ago, this book has helped me a lot. I now know that there are other people out there who have gone through what I have.

Comforting and inspirational read

March 2013 – Great book – Format: Kindle Edition –

Many thanks to Susan Phoenix for having the courage to write this book. Her honesty and open-heartedness shine through as she describes her healing journey. It should give comfort to all that there is still a life to be lived after bereavement – and we never truly lose those we love, and who love us.

Indigo 33


By Amazon Customer on 30 April 2016. Format: Kindle Edition

Absolutely amazing book! Although it is a Novel I believe it will link to many people’s lives in a range of ways. A great read!

Hard to put down

13 July 2014 By Tina Ineson

Although fiction it felt like a thesis. As I am already convinced that our soul or spirit lives on when our lives end, I found this absolutely fascinating and utterly believable.

I am very glad I re-opened the book and started reading with new …

By Amazon Customer on 1 May 2016

Indigo 33 is a novel, I started reading it thinking it would be a self-development book on spirit energy with scientific research, enlightening facts and interesting take-away. This would explain why I had a false start and had to revisit it only getting into the read a couple of months later and why it took me a couple of chapters to get into the book and find the pace and rhythm of the writing.
I am very glad I re-opened the book and started reading with new eyes because it has been the most refreshing, uplifting and delightful journey I’ve been on in recent times.
Indigo 33 takes us on a journey with Georgia, a bright young scholar with a clear open connection to the spirit world. The novel uncovers her experiences discovering and exploring this gift and the team of unusual, gifted people and fun loving spirits who come to assist her along her journey in educating the wider populace, us, in the unseen mysteries and workings of the higher spiritual realms.
The novel uses the narrative of Georgia researching, writing up and publishing her PhD to take the reader along her journey, introducing us to first her friends, spirit helpers and mentors. The characters depicted are well developed and explored in a colourful, authentic and masterful pen. They are instantly recognisable as friend or foe with delightful humour and sass. The journey is peppered along the way with scientific, spiritual, enlightened knowledge, stories and unusual mystical events which bring the book to life in a natural, light hearted and down to earth way.
The subject matter and the way it’s been presented is fascinating and intriguing, we are allowed to explore themes not normally open for serious discussion in a safe and wholesome environment. The author does this in a format which allows for our incredulous rational mind and society as a whole to absorb the information in a controlled way. It is through the vehicle of the story or the parable that we learn on a subliminal level and it is in this way that teachers, prophets and writers have been educating us for time memorial.
I would thoroughly recommend this book as a gentle uplifting and thought provoking read, take it as fact or fiction the choice is your own, to own.