These blogs are sliding like the month to a later date each time. Now we are already in the last quarter of the moon, a week after  the partial lunar eclipse  of the full moon and  leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st! No wonder there are some amazing energies in our electromagnetic fields that are reportedly affecting our moods and behaviours. I was interested to see the spike reported here on the last day of July by  Luke Miller  in Truth Theory

The Resonance Of The Earth’s Geomagnetic Field Has Quadrupled In The Last 24 Hours

There was a spike in the power of the earth’s geomagnetic field affecting the schumann’s resonance: reaching a 15 month high.

According to a real time graph from Heart Math there has been a spike in the earth’s geomagnetic field, the data only goes back 1 year, but Luke managed to find data going back to April 2016, meaning it could actually go back further than 15 months

The spike was recorded by the Global Coherence Monitoring Systemfrom the Heart Math institute:

You may remember how impressed I was by Gregg Braden’s presentation about the work of the  global Heart Math Institute  at his New Mexico retreat. We will be including lots of  heart energy work into the September conference in Portland – not long now- make sure your name is on a seat to avoid disappointment. Link into the events page here  .

New energy arrived on this earth by the arrival of my very good friend (and adopted daughter)´s Baby boy into a hot sunny Spain this month too. Excitement and gratitude for the beautiful Pablo Staes Lyster . Line and Peter are happily learning new skills in parenting to add to their many other gifts.

If you want to hear a snippet of a past life regression session that the very brave Sasha Twining recorded before her BBC Radio Solent show yesterday then you can listen here .

or go to the full BBC webpage for the whole interview.

Sasha surprised herself (and me too) by being able to regress to her childhood in this life and also to another life as a very old man in what was possibly Greece. I love it when it comes together even in the less than perfect environment of the BBC bar at 8.30 am on a Monday morning. Well done Sasha  for putting together a very satisfying morning. The listener feedback was wonderful and very heart warming. Thank you Sasha , Abby and the BBC Solent team.

I will keep this brief as there are so many links for you to follow up. and I do hope that Barbara Whiteside and I will see you in Portland on the 23rd September  in the Heights Hotel On the  beautiful Island of  Portland.

Don’t forget to buy your copy of Spirit and Destiny magasine to see my second stint as resident Past Life “expert” and readers questions answered.


Stay cool and relaxed for the rest of August I am feeling truly grateful for so many things and the company of all my grandchildren on several days made my heart energy swell wonderfully too.

Enjoy all that you have. See you next month with much more to report.