Very detailed book

25th of December 2003 – Very detailed book – By Crane – I love books on the northern ireland conflict which give details of names,operations etc,rather than spend too much time theorizing. This is why I thoroughly recommend this book. Ian Phoenix joined the northern ireland police,then the royal ulster constabulary (RUC) in 1970. The book details his life and career(obviously from only one point of view,as the book is based on his diary entries). There’s a great wealth of paramilitary names,together with details of operations(ones where the security forces got things wrong as well as the successful ones. )

As a bonus,the book contains both the identities of the 7 man ARMY COUNCIL of the provisional irish republican army(PIRA), sometimes just referred to as the IRA,paramilitary anti british organization.and the organizational structure of the ira’s general headquarters (GHQ). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and insightful book.