Phoenix, Policing the Shadows with 2012 Bonus Chapter

When the RAF Chinook helicopter crashed on the Mull of Kintyre on a summer’s evening in 1994, it claimed the lives of 25 top anti-terrorist officers, among whom was Detective Superintendent Ian Phoenix, from the RUC counter terrorist surveillance unit. Phoenix had spent 25 years of his life in an undercover war against some of the most deadly terrorist organisations in the world. A war where heroes have no names and deeds that save hundreds of lives remain unrecorded. Until now.

PHOENIX revealed for the first time how the undercover war of covert police and SAS operations was fought in an arena where the rules were made by doorstep assassins, booby-trap bombers and snipers in the shadows. It tells how the man responsible for almost wiping out the British cabinet was caught,how a deadly bombing campaign in Britain was frustrated and how the lives of many of those targeted for death by the IRA were saved through secret and often ruthless tactics.

PHOENIX takes the reader behind the scenes of the secret negotiations which led to the IRA cease fire and uncovers some shocking details about what political figures were prepared to do to win over the terrorists. It exposes the struggle between the Northern Ireland Special Branch and MI5 for control of top secret information channels.

PHOENIX is more than just a story of a shadowy war. It is an intimate portrait of an Irish man and his English wife, Susan, who came to Northern Ireland thinking she would be the wife of an ordinary bobby and instead found herself thrown into the mayhem of the troubles. Their relationship gives a personal background to the tale of terror and counter-terror where a rap on the door can mean death. It shows how love and real family life can sustain a man during a dangerous career.

The Kindle edition now includes the final explosive New Bonus chapter 2012 released on the anniversary of one of RAF’s worst peace time aircraft accidents and one year on from the Government turnaround in clearing the names of the pilots after a long campaign.

The final chapter updates the Counter Terrorist officer’s life story and illustrates dubious Government Ethics both in matters of airworthiness for Military Aircraft and collusion with state media for damage limitation purposes.

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One of many reader comments:

Excellent read

28 Mar. 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

A superb insight into the life of a soldier and police officer and very much loved family man.This book is well written by his wife and dear friend,I am glad I bought it.

The truth at last about the Mull of Kintyre Crash

By nemesis on 2 July 2012

Format: Kindle Edition

The original book was a best seller but, unavoidably, was unable to close the file on the 1994 Mull of Kintyre crash, in which the author, Dr Susan Phoenix, lost her husband.

This updated version, written after the Government overturned the gross negligence verdict against the two RAF pilots, does not bury the reader with detail; but those who want to can follow links to the crucial evidence presented Lord Philip’s inquiry which demonstrated, beyond any doubt whatsoever, the aircraft was not airworthy. It also reveals how this evidence was withheld from the RAF’s own Board of Inquiry, the Scottish Fatal Accident Inquiry, the Houses of Commons and Lords, and even from MoD’s own staffs charged with ensuring airworthiness.

Dr Phoenix describes how she was lied to by the Ministry of Defence over these facts, but with the assistance of technical experts ensured Lord Philip was made aware of the truth, resulting in an abject apology from a Minister of State.

The reader will be utterly disgusted at MoD’s lack of honesty and integrity. You will ask yourself why senior retired RAF officers are not in the dock answering serious charges. You will also be challenged to ask what else their actions led to. For example, was there a direct link between the failures on Chinook and the loss of Nimrod XV230 in 2006? The evidence to Lord Philip says yes, which in turn leads one to ask why this has been buried by the Government. How many lives have been lost unnecessarily during that 17 year cover-up?

The new final chapter is an engrossing personal account of the 17 year fight to see justice done. Highly recommended.