Out of the Shadows – a journey from grief

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August 2005- Hodder Mobius (London)

Susan’ s autobiography outlining her long journey from world shattering grief to a life full of new hopes and dreams. The story of rediscovering and rebuilding a soul after painful loss destroyed the reason for living.

Read about life alone, making new friends in this world and learning about Universal energies that empowered her.

She is happy to share her infectious joie de vivre to help others find happier life paths in this, her second book , with a forward by Diana Cooper.

11 years on,  grateful readers  still write to her from all over the world telling how this book has inspired them to recover from their grief more quickly and to move forward with hope.

One of many reader comments:

Comforting and inspirational read

By Nina on 20 Mar. 2013

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Many thanks to Susan Phoenix for having the courage to write this book. Her honesty and open-heartedness shine through as she describes her healing journey. It should give comfort to all that there is still a life to be lived after bereavement – and we never truly lose those we love, and who love us.