Hello Susan

My mum gave me a magazine today with your article in it and told me to read it because she said it was quite similar to a story I have in my life. I lost my soul mate horrifically and suddenly too recently………….., in the bombs of July 7th. She was on the Aldgate train and very close to the explosion. Thankfully she died instantly and did not suffer but her leaving us has filled me with untold sorrow & pain.

I knew after reading your article that I was not the only person now to be feeling what you described. The day she passed away and I did not even know about it, I went to the bathroom and saw I had a sty on my face which I have never had before. I did wonder how it suddenly appeared on my face overnight and even more unusually why was a sty that she had on her face on mine. Within hours it vanished.

I found out shortly afterwards about what had happened to herand I was just a mess. The shock was overwhelming and I am surprised that I managed to pull through it. About 1 week after …., I was walking into my bedroom and had a strong feeling she was in there. It was such a powerful feeling that I was nervous to open the door as I expected her to be standing inside. I went in very nervously and the room was empty. I asked her aloud to move a piece of paper to let me know she was inside. Nothing. I asked her to tap on the wall. Nothing. I was very disappointed but suddenly I felt what I can only describe as a pair of arms go around me. I then felt a tingling/electrical feeling go through me of peace & pure love. It was such an amazing feeling that I was covered in goose bumps and so excited to have had some contact from her….. It moved from the front of my body to the back and vanished. It filled my body was so much relaxation and happiness – it was amazing that I was feeling so good after what had just happened.

………. I have had things happen to me such as a pebble being thrown at me softly when I was looking at a picture of her feeling sad (nobody was around me to throw it). A feather being dropped infront of me from the nowhere at the precise moment when I was wishing she would drop a feather for me (as I was told this is a typical way spirits give a sign of being present). At that time I was also listening to a song “I’m your lady and you are my man”. There have been so many of these instances now and I have enough evidence now to feel she is still with me. The most recent was about 2 weeks ago and what I can only describe as astral projection. I woke up from my bed and she was in my bedroom as real as when I am awake. She smiled and me and walked out of the room. She left me a telepathic message that she is not allowed too much contact with the living and showing herself to me drains a lot of her energy. The experience was so real it took me a while to actually realise I was not walking around in my bedroom but actually lying in my bed with my eyes closed.

What we really have in common though is that I usually feel a tingling feeling on the crown of my head. You described it as kisses. I personally feel like its her hands gently stroking me. Sometimes the feeling gets so strong that it my head has gone numb from it. I usually feel this when I am upset, need guidance or just quite and listening out for some sign. It feels quite a lot like prickley electricity moving around like several fingers massaging. I know that writing this message to you is the right thing too because I have felt this sensation since I started writing.

I felt I needed to read your story today as I was very upset looking at some old emails……… I really felt I needed some strength from her and I feel my mum giving me your article out of the blue is what I needed to read. It re-inforced the message she has not left me by reading your own experience.

I would like to also take this opportunity to say I am really sorry about what has happened in your life. You lost so many people in such a short period and it also made me realise that there are always people worse off. We should be grateful for what we got even in these situations. Maybe its not always easy to see as we are overcome with grief … but we are guided to the right path.

My spiritual awakening has been amazing. I am going to start also training with a medium soon as I want to further develop this skill.

Thank you for taking time to read this email. I would very much like to hear back from you.

Best wishes R B