Dear Susan,

I hesitate as I try to think of words appropriate to describe the joy the angels have brought to me, and the path that has led to my being in contact with you again. I rather imagine you will laugh if I tell you I feel in awe of you and all that you have achieved.  What a journey you have made. I feel your spirit must draw to you such wonderful people who have come to help you on your path.  Now, I hope, I am at the beginning of my special path, that is how I feel and I must slowly absorb and grow in my knowledge and understanding.  Already I feel caring for R is some sort of preparation for the future. It is hard sometimes to put things into words isn’t it.  My little white feather has brought me so much, after years of talking to Angels without really knowing if I was just using this as a psychological prop I suppose. Saying that I used them to help me make the decision to leave our lovely little cottage, which we had spent so much on making it perfect for our future!  As it turns out it has been a good decision, so……………there you are.


The gift of your book and CD is wonderful, especially your making the time to send it to me when you were suffering with the flu!  ……………

There is so much in your book for me to absorb I feel, although there were familiar things to me also, if that makes sense.

Love S.