Hello Susan,

I just wanted to write to you to say a big thank you for your book “Out of the Shadows”. I finished reading this just before Christmas.

My beautiful baby boy, S, was stillborn at 37 weeks in June last year. As you can imagine it’s been a very difficult time trying to get our heads around everything, understanding why this happened to us – it seemed so unfair. I started to make sense of it all a little bit after I had a medium reading. Some of the messages that came through were truly amazing. We were told it was not a punishment, not karma.

I then went onto reading a few books from famous mediums which helped further, but I was still feeling a burning grief in my stomach. A friend of mine gave me your book “Out of the Shadows” to read. I have to say once I started I could not put it down! I cannot even begin to tell you how much reading this helped with my grief, you gave me my positivity back and I cannot thank you enough. I am now buying more copies to take to my local Sands support group as I believe other parents will benefit from reading it.

We went away for a week shortly after finishing your book. We read a lot more books, we reflected on our loss and we learnt to love life again and be grateful for all that we have. Through all the pain and heartache we now accept that S came to us for a reason, and that if we don’t take positives out of this what a waste his little life would be. Everything we do now going forward is inspired by our love for S.

I’m not sure where you are currently living, but if ever you are in the UK and you have a spare hour or so I would dearly love to meet you. You have given me the inspiration to write my own book, if I can help just one person move forward with their grief then it will be worthwhile.

Many many many thanks

S H xxxs