Indigo 33

5 star Amazon reviews for Susan’s first novel

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A Spooky Novel, both enlightening and thought provoking. It could change your whole belief system with love & energy crossing centuries and cosmic dimensions.

“Georgina Griffiths knows that she has an extraordinary gift, even if she is afraid to show it to others. At an early age, Georgina, who has distinct memories of her past lives, discovers that she can speak to dead people. When she meets three others with similar abilities – Lyre Papakostas, Eoin and Aramantha – she becomes ecstatic. Each has varying talents – Eoin commonly appears simply as “glowing energy” to others- but the four decide that they are stronger together.Forming Indigo 33, the quartet starts to travel the globe and beyond, to places such as Wales and the outer cosmos, providing healing to drug addicts, trauma victims and others. Indigo 33 also aims to spread the word about reincarnation, the spiritual world and souls that venture into other realms. The group finagles its way onto a popular TV program to convert some non believers. Whilst working together Indigo 33’s members reveal the science and importance of their skills. Phoenix’s passion for the science of psychic phenomena brightens the narrative.She describes wondrous events, such as a deceased spirit appearing on a TV show, and discusses the intriguing belief that human souls float from body to body. According to Phoenix, a holistic Psychologist, these events are based in fact…

This lively book turns out to be a vivid introduction to the science of vibrational energy. Phoenix, who clearly knows her subject, injects her story with contagious enthusiasm.

An enticing tale that explores psychic phenomena.”

Kirkus Indie Reviews, Kirkus Media  Austin, Texas.

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Wonderful debut into a world I feel I could touch, 22 Jun. 2016

By Siobhan

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Just finished this dream of a book that I read in 2 days anytime between being a full-time housewife and mother and doing work for 4 academic courses. Every time I had to put it down I literally could not wait to get back to it … wonderful debut into a world I feel I could touch … Can’t wait for the next one – Go Susan !