Incredible, intense and beautiful

Quote from Vickie Paget – Time 4 U magazine – “When I walked out into the busy embrace of the bracing fresh air outside Belfast’s Europa Hotel, I felt decidedly odd…

But in a good way. A wee bit dizzy and dazed. A little bit shaky and light-footed. I feel a bit silly admitting this, but it was as if someone had tickled my heartstrings with soft, glittery fingertips.

‘That’s not something that happens every day!’ I hear you cry, dear reader, and you’re absolutely right – because it’s not every day that you meet Susan Phoenix.

She’s a very special lady indeed. She’s taken life by the proverbials and squeezed every painful, joyful, crushing and exquisite emotion out of it – even the magical emotions. And if you ask me there’s a lot more room for magical emotions in this world.”…………….

Out of the Shadows, a Journey Back from Grief is Susan’s astonishingly personal contribution to all of those out there who are stumbling around in the dark trying to find a way to recover from trauma. The pages burst with the wise words of a wise woman who has been there before. And her fascinating journey continues… She’s working with Aura Photography, she’s planning a new book about angels and auras, she’s spreading love wherever she goes, and she’s enjoying her life in the sun, having relocated to Spain, where she can sometimes be found sipping wine and watching the sunset from a bar suitably called ‘Heaven’. ‘Atta girl…”

“……Finished the book yesterday. It’s such an incredible, intense and beautiful
ending. Wow! A highly enjoyable book you’ve written there, and I think an
important one because it’s accessible to all and totally brings that whole
magical world nicely down to earth. Well done.”- Spirit and Destiny journalist.