Author and “unconventional psychologist”

Interested in Meditation and Past Life Regression?

Are you grieving , depressed or just unhappy with your life?

Do you want to avoid medical offers of anti depressant drug support?

Simply want to feel that you are living to your full potential?

Then consider joining one of  Susan’s  fun and relaxing workshops to learn more about yourself.  Susan  lost her husband and both parents within a few months of each other in 1994. Her scientific mind lead her to research complementary therapies and drug free help for grief and depression, encouraging a new path in her life. You do not need to suffer alone, allow her to help you access your own soul’s healing power. There is always a new way up. She needed the help to move on with her life and leave all suicidal thoughts behind. Learn that there is an energy around you that can connect to your own electromagnetic field. Recharge your life batteries in the best possible ways.

PLUG INTO HAPPINESS again- at a higher level than ever before.

More recently Susan’s reputation as a down to earth “unconventional psychologist” fills her fun workshops with people looking to transform their lives.

She has written two best selling non-fiction biographies. Her latest “spooky” novel, INDIGO 33 published in 2015 is earning 5 star reviews on Amazon. Susan is a holistic psychologist, well known as an Intuitive energy healer, inspirational speaker, past life regression therapist, aura-photographer and author.

Her own spiritual development was accelerated by the sudden death of her husband in the mysterious helicopter crash in Scotland. Feeling his spirit shortly after his death lead her to research scientific evidence into supernatural phenomena and environmental energy that affects our health. The electromagnetic field of the individual and surrounding environment is the subject of her next book “The Cosmic Condom”.

She believes that understanding old memories of past lives can remove the fear of death and illness. Live a fear free, full and happy life today.


Indigo 33

Written with fun and thought provoking information, Indigo 33 embraces Science AND Spirituality.

Out Of The Shadows

The story of rediscovering and rebuilding a soul after painful loss destroyed the reason for living.

Phoenix – Policing The Shadows

A controversial insight into the RUC by the widow of anti-terrorist officer Ian Phoenix.


Meditation-CD_mA Cosmic Meditation Journey

This CD will take you on a spiritual journey as you follow the two meditations and allow yourself to relax and rediscover your innerself.

Living Gratitude Meditationlivinggratitude

This CD includes two guided mediations that have helped people rediscover a place of peaceful contemplation.