18th of September 2001 – Fantastic – A Customer – An extraordinary insight into the news stories from 20 years of The Troubles. Reading this book it was impossible not to be reminded of the names of various killers from news items I heard when I was growing up in NI. Other gems include a photo of a certain Gerald Adams Jr, then Commander of PIRA Northern Area, as a young man.

One can’t help but wonder at the stupidity of putting all of a country’s intelligence chiefs into one aircraft – not exactly tactical genius on display, and very surprising. The other surprise was that he was able to keep up the pretence to Jack Holland of being a hearing aid salesman for all those years! This is a very interesting book, of particular interest to people from NI, Ireland (the 6 counties/the North of Ireland &c, &c), or people from the UK with an interest in politics or history.
I am sure that policing is a lot duller and less fun without Detective Superintendant Ian Phoenix.