A Balanced View

22th of July 2002 – A Balanced View – By Michael F. Barratt – It was refreshing to read an account of the “Troubles” from the point of view of one of the leading members of the Security Forces and for me, who has studied contemporary Irish History, it was especially interesting for an obviously passionate Irishman to put across his desire for the well being and security of his country before political dogma from either side.

I hope that this book does much to restore the confidence of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and removes some of the unjustified tarnish which the RUC has suffered at the hands of those who would seek instability in the Province. Ian Phoenix, a blunt but principled man, was a sad loss to the security services and the manner of his death, as described in the latter pages of the book, remains a mystery and is an example of folly which I hope will not recur. A brilliant read and I well recommend it. It is also easy read and not easy to put down. It is a good insight into what the long suffering people of Northern Ireland have had to endure. Well done Jack and Susan.