The “unconventional psychologist”, author, intuitive, NLP master and energy healer. The traumatic death of her husband stimulated research into the science behind spiritual phenomena.
She studied Past Life Regression Therapy *PLRT* with Dr Brian Weiss, the renowned American Psychiatrist and author of Many Lives Many Masters. Her training cured her own chronic cough of 50 plus years.

A consultant for complementary therapies for treating depression, specialising in bereavement and Past Life Regression.

Are You Stuck in Your Past, unhappy with your life or just interested in soul origins?

There is a way to ease troubles and worries while also tapping into the limitless potential of imagination to release your true joy and love for yourself and others. That’s what Past Life Regression workshops offer – a psycho-spiritual journey in healing emotionally, physically and mentally. All this in a fun and confidential group.

By exploring your past in a safe way with a trusted expert like Dr. Susan Phoenix, you’ll uncover valuable details about yourself and discover new levels of healing. After just one healing meditation, you’ll notice:

    • Lower stress level
    • Anxiety and Worries can disappear
    • A restored sense of health and well-being
    • Clearer thinking
    • A more positive outlook
    • A deep sense of peace and calmness
    • Chronic health and emotional problems may be highlighted and let go.

These incredible health benefits alone can alter the way you see the world and those around you and the way you live your life. The restorative power inherent in these