Auras and energy in our lives.

The seeds of aura photography were sown in 1939 by Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian.  Kirlian accidentally discovered that an an object placed on a photographic plate connected to a source of voltage produced an image of that object surrounded by some “light” energy. The image continued after the hand or leaf or other object was removed.

Many acupuncturists, chi-channelers and even a few medical doctors believe in its diagnostic potential to help with self development therapies. I use it to help people “think” about their lives and their own energy field.

The human aura changes depending upon the interactions that have taken place, the psychological mood/feelings of the individual, and whether there is a spirit of a loved one nearby. It can be a fascinating way of learning about our own electromagnetic field and help in determining new ways of interpreting our daly lives.

The personal analysis with a skilled counsellor to guide our thoughts about what we see in the photograph can open a whole new understanding of our interactions with self and others.

Observing changes in an aura before and after a healing  session, meditation, acupuncture or any energy changing treatment can be fascinating As in the photos below of me before and after  energy healing or as part of a meditation group. The very white aura in my first picture was after a deep meditation session where I really was able to connect with the energy field outside of my  personal space.

susan-aura-white susan-aura susan-green-aura

Susan after a variety of relaxation treatments. The white aura is often seen after deep meditation.


In the golden photo I had been working with and chatting brightly to many people and was quite tired . Thirty minutes later I took the second photograph that showed the effect of having my energy field “relaxed” by a skilled healer – the bright golden throat chakra energy was back the green healing , caring energy was back and a variety of “other ” energies were observed in my electromagnetic field.

line-aura Line-aura-2

Line here is in her everyday red aura with Three “energies” always with her an then (right photo above) she can be seen with her “cosmic glow” after deep meditation .